H&H Strohpellets, perfect bedding, easy handling and cleaned.

You are looking for the optimal bedding? With H&H Strohpellets you have found the ideal solution!

Our straw pellets consist of 100 % naturally pure wheat straw with no additives and benders. Straw as a scarce resource will be used efficiently and economically in the production of bedding and at the mucking out of stables.


With H&H Strohpellets the daily clean out is enormously reduced. Horse droppings will be easily removed. Trampled straw pellets with their excellent wicking properties absorb wet areas immediately and bind the smell of ammoniac. Finally the horse is standing and lying on dry and dust-free bedding. Ligaments and tendons of the horse are spared due to the natural ground level consistency of the bedding. Hooves of the horse will not be attacked by urine-soaked straw or sawings.


The whole manure volume will be reduced drastically by using the H&H Strohpellets!

Long time of composting is not needed any more. Benefit from easy disposal either of high demand for fertilizer or as a valuable raw material for biogas plants.  


H&H Straw pellets 100 % naturally pure

Significantly less work


Minimise-costs through economical consumption


Up to 80 % less manure


100 % compostable


Best absorbency


Odor neutral, dry


Nearly dust free


Also suitable for allergic horses